Dinah, 51Talk teacher – teaching heart

IMG_085051Talk teacher Dinah, 47, from Cainta, Rizal, was a bank teller for eight years. She worked as a call center agent for several years after. In between answering calls and working with clients, she also worked as a volunteer teacher in public schools. Realizing that her true passion was teaching, she decided to look for a full-time job as a teacher.

Dinah was referred by her cousin to 51Talk. The prospect of teaching and doing it at the comforts of her home was more than enough to convince her to join 51Talk. Working from home would allow her to do other important things, such as taking care of her family and their business. Although she was no stranger to teaching kids and adults alike, she found 51Talk’s training programs very useful in improving her already good teaching skills. These, combined with her dedication and passion, made her a very popular teacher among learners.

Being able to touch the lives of her students is why Dinah is so passionate about her craft. She tells a story about her student named Leo, whom she had been teaching English since she started with 51Talk. Through Dinah’s patience and guidance, Leo can now speak some small phrases in English. Leo will never book a class if she is not his teacher. Leo’s mother was also very pleased with her son’s progress that she recommended Dinah to four of her relatives. All five are Dinah’s regular students to this day.


“With 51Talk, I love what I‘m doing. I love that I’m able to impact someone else’s life,” she says. “I’m also able to share what I learned from my students with my own family, and having more time with my husband and daughter has also made me appreciate life more.” At four years and counting, Dinah firmly believes that her journey as a professional teacher with 51Talk will continue to be a fascinating and fruitful one.


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