Raybelle, 51Talk teacher – the secret weapon


Raybelle, 25, from Cavite, took up Education in college, passed the licensure entrance test (LET), and chose her first job as a home-based online English teacher with 51Talk.

A licensed elementary school teacher, Raybelle has made the right choice to teach kids in 51Talk. By regularly taking 51Talk’s training sessions, she continues to develop her teaching skills. “I’m learning a lot with 51Talk as an ESL (English as a second language) teacher,” she said. “The free trainings and teaching experiences I’m getting from 51Talk help me how to deal with Chinese students of different levels and personalities,” she added.

RaybelleShe finds happiness and fulfillment from the progress of her students. She recounted a story about one of her regular students named Michelle who joined her school’s oratorical speech contest. “Michelle and I would practice every night for seven days straight until the day of the event,” recalled Raybelle. “I taught her how to pronounce the words in her speech properly, and what each means. I also explained to her the importance of putting feelings in the delivery of her speech.” All efforts paid off when her student bagged the first prize.

The news that she won made Raybelle a popular 51Talk teacher. She was referred to as the “secret weapon” to her student’s winning. No sooner, Raybelle got invitations from Michelle’s classmates to be their 51Talk teacher. Raybelle’s love and passion that she put into her work had not gone unnoticed.

Now, Raybelle belongs to the highest ranking teachers of 51Talk. “What I love about 51Talk is that it gives me the opportunity to grow professionally,” she said. “The top performing home-based online teachers can be promoted to home-based mentors which I am today.”

Raybelle believes that teaching is her calling. She pursued, studied and worked hard to become a teacher. “Teaching is a noble job, as it allows you to help people,” she said. “That’s the reason why I chose to be a teacher and the same reason why I am happy in my profession. I look forward to meeting more students like Michelle and be their ‘secret weapon’ to success.”


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