Audrey, 51Talk teacher – graveyard shift no more

JpegAudrey, 34 years old from Quezon City, is one versatile woman. A broadcasting graduate, she has had numerous experiences working for many companies. She was once marketing assistant for a family owned business. She then ventured on to the BPO industry where she started out as a customer service representative and eventually became a product trainer for a few accounts. After a total of 13 years working as an employee, she wanted to work during daytime because she wanted to start a family.

Audrey then decided to join 51Talk and realized it was a good fit since it is home-based and at the same time her experience as a trainer can come in handy. 51Talk’s exceptional training program was able to compliment the teaching skills she acquired from a previous job. She currently is one of the most booked teachers in the company due to her effective teaching methods and tenure in the company.

In one of her student stories, Audrey found herself being able to help Zoe, one of her students. She needed to better her English for the IELTS exam. After four months of studying with Audrey, she took the IELTS exam and passed. Zoe is now an immigrant of Canada. While in Canada, she contacted Audrey and thanked her for being a big help in her life.


Audrey is currently loving her partnership with the leading online English teaching provider. “Teaching has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. Every class is a humbling experience when you see the students’ growth. Working here is rewarding and has continuously provided me wonderful teaching experiences.” she said. Thanks to 51Talk, she is able to teach during the day instead of graveyard hours.



One thought on “Audrey, 51Talk teacher – graveyard shift no more

  1. “In this chaotic, self-centered and highly-materialistic world of
    ours, seldom one can find an upright, modest teacher,” who
    just don’t teach you according to her amazing english skills &
    examples, but by Lord’s powerful wisdom & insights.

    Thank you Ms. Katz for touching our lives with yours – I’m privileged not just for being one of your prodigy, but as your friend in this lifetime. For us, we are more than schooling & friendship, – you made us feel your family in God, hence your love & compassion remain stubborn through the years.

    So keep your light shining, & “Our daily bread” supplies coming :), – it may not be a trending post, but it is timeless & contemporary. It exhorts even to sleepiest of souls and comforts even the most tired of spirits.



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