Rheena, 51Talk teacher – a happy brain learns more

Teacher Rheena

Rheena, 28, from Bacolod City, developed a passion for teaching. A cum laude graduate of a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, she began her career as an English academy teacher for a year. After passing the nursing licensure exam, she was hired as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse. Later on, however, she realized that teaching English was what she really wanted to do. She applied to 51Talk and began her journey as a home-based online English teacher.

She was able to improve her teaching methods with the help of 51Talk’s intensive teacher training sessions. She is very sensitive to the needs of her students like a nurse with her patients. “Making them happy is what will make them want to learn,” says Rheena. She also encourages students to speak up more when they choose a certain topic to talk about and makes sure that these topics are educational. With her students, learning is not stressful as she adjusts her pace to the student. “I try to ask students more questions while providing a relaxed and friendly environment. This way, my students feel comfortable and happy.”

Teacher Rheena 01

Using her “happy brain learns more” principle has helped many of her students achieve success. She had a physician student by the name of Steven who wanted to pursue further studies abroad. An equivalency exam in English was Steven’s main hurdle. He took lessons under Rheena for six months to prepare for this exam. Steven’s grasp of the language became impeccable, allowing him to pass the medical equivalency exam and even getting a score higher than what he targeted. Steven is currently in the United States and has been living there for two years.

Due to Rheena’s successes with her students, she has earned several awards from 51Talk such as “teacher of the month” and “Kudos Wall of Famers.” These honors have boosted her confidence.

Rheena shares her experience and know-how with fellow teachers: “I started out only having basic knowledge in teaching. Over the years, I realized that I have become a different teacher now. I can say that I am more professional in handling students. Through my partnership with 51Talk, I was able to hone skills that I already have. I always stick to my principle, “a happy brain learns more.”


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