Montana, 51Talk teacher – teaching is in my genes

Teacher Montana 01Having a mother and an aunt who were both members of the academe inspired Montana to go into teaching. Originally a nursing graduate, she decided to pursue a career as a teacher. A 28-year old from Cebu, her journey began in a local English academy where she initially worked as an English teacher and even got promoted to the position of head teacher supervising other teachers. A mother of two, she realized that she wanted to have more quality time with her family, enhance her teaching skills, and earn from teaching. This all came true when Montana joined 51Talk as a home-based online English teacher.

Montana has combined the knowledge she gained from 51Talk’s extensive training sessions and prior experience to make herself an effective teacher. Aside from focusing on their learning preferences, she also encourages her students to discuss what they liked about the lesson to improve their conversational skills.  “I always put my heart into what I do. I teach with love and care. I don’t only teach, I also inspire. I am also their confidant and counselor. That’s the best part of being a teacher,” she said.

Her positive impact on students has made her a proud teacher. Betty, one of her regular students, is an example of how her teaching affected a student’s progress in life. Betty took lessons with Montana to prepare for the IELTS as she was bound to study in England. After a month of taking lessons with Montana, she went to take the IELTS and got a high band score. After finishing her studies in England, she went back to China to work for a prestigious company. She attributed her success in that company to taking English lessons with Montana. Another regular student, Cherry, a 12-year old, also benefited from learning under Montana. The pair did lessons for three months to prepare Cherry for the IELTS. She got a band score higher than the requirement of 6.5 and credits her success to her teacher.

Teacher Montana

Montana has already received awards for excellence from 51Talk. Back in 2014, she was included in the Board of Kudos as one of the best performing teachers. She also received an award for being one of the top teachers in the Visayas during 51Talk’s Teacher Conference in Cebu last July 2015.

Partnering with 51Talk has allowed her to fulfill her ambitions of being a teacher. “Being a 51talk teacher is a remarkable experience. The things that really make me stay here are my students, my 51Talk family, the incentives and the regular work hours. Seeing my students improve their speaking skills and knowing that I am a part of their journey towards success give me great delight and contentment,” she said. Being able to teach English, learn from 51Talk, and earn has made Montana’s dream come true.


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