6 Popular Foods in MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL

Being the second most important holiday to Chinese people (the first being the Lunar New Year Day), Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally China’s harvest time. Family reunions occur and everyone would prepare many different kinds of delicious food dishes that are quite special and common for this grand holiday. Here are six foods that you can always see in Chinese homes during Mid-Autumn Festival.


Mooncake is the important and popular food during Mid-autumn Festival. Mooncake Festival is even another name for this holiday. There are many different kinds of mooncakes to offer. A few people make them at home these days and usually bought in markets or bakeries. Mooncakes have thin soft layer of bread with a sweet filling in the inside.

Pumpkin is cheap and believed to bring people good health.

Duck is usually baked and smoked with many recipes coming from different regions and provinces in China that features different flavors and taste.

River Snails are necessary in most Chinese dinner tables and they are believed to brighten the eyes when people eat them during this holiday.

Wine Fermented with Osmanthus Flowers or jiuniang in Chinese have been drank by many people for thousands of years. Drinking the wine signifies reuniting with one’s family and a happy life.

Hairy Crab are rich in protein and amino acids, a steamed hairy crab dish with ginger and vinegar is a special seasonal delicacy for Mid-Autumn Festival, a highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


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