Nisha, 51Talk teacher – dedication to education

teacher-nisha-dedication-to-educationNisha, a 36-year old from Nueva Ecija who is a Physics & Math classroom teacher by day and an online English teacher by night, is the embodiment of a 51Talk teacher. She has been a home-based online English teacher with 51Talk since 2011 while also teaching in a public school. She is a teacher who has embarked on a remarkable journey and has seen dreams unfold by dedicating herself to the craft that she truly loves the most.  She finds fulfillment in both the physical classroom and the virtual one because of her love for her students and her dedication to education.

Nisha is very thankful to 51Talk.  Working abroad to earn more would have meant being separated from her husband and child as well as her classroom teaching.  51Talk came along and changed all of that. Her earnings as a public school and 51talk teacher helped her reach her financial goals.  This has helped her greatly in building her own home, financing her master’s degree and setting up a small family business with her husband.


Online, Nisha likes to use gestures to captivate her young learners. She also likes singing and replacing parts of the lyrics with the words related to the lesson. With her adult students, she gives them the opportunity to discuss what they have learned from the lesson. This allows them not only to gain confidence when conversing but also shows that they have really understood the lesson.  “Learning will depend on the student’s interest in the material. Relating the lesson to their personal interests is a great way of having a connection with students and also an innovative way of teaching.” The training sessions of 51Talk helped her become an effective online English teacher. She was also able to use skills acquired in 51Talk in her classroom teaching as she applies an English Only Policy in her classroom.

Nisha has many student success stories to share.  Hunter, a student in his 40s, has been learning with Nisha since 2012. Hunter is a general manager for a large conglomerate in China, and speaking to foreign investors was the first challenge Nisha helped him overcome.   Hunter learned with Nisha and was able to communicate confidently with his company’s foreign investors.  Since then, Hunter has looked forward to learning with Nisha three times a week. Jerry, a middle school pupil, is also one of Nisha’s regular students. He was a playful eight year old when he started his lessons with Nisha.  After one year with Nisha, he became very conversant and even improved his grades in school.  Jerry, now a teenager, has made Nisha his regular 51Talk English teacher and looks forward to learning with her when back home for summer breaks and holidays.

“51Talk has definitely helped me in many ways. I have gotten this far in my master’s degree because of my earnings as an online English teacher. I have also developed into a well-rounded teacher.” Nisha said.   While she came online initially for financial reasons, she has also fallen in love with 51Talk and her online learners because of her dedication to education.


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