Adamma, 51Talk teacher – reaching out through teaching

Adamma is a one of 51Talk’s great teachers. She taught pre-school students for four years but wanted to take on new challenges as a teacher. The 32-year old from Pasig City discovered 51Talk and was drawn in by the benefits of being a home-based online English teacher. This prompted her to join 51Talk and embark on a new journey as an educator.


She is animated when teaching online. She uses singing and colorful visual aids when teaching to captivate her young students. When teaching adults, her approach is to give and receive feedback. She believes that this is the best way to ensure the effectiveness of her lessons. “There is a big difference in a child’s and adult’s learning capabilities. With kids, you need to be animated to attract attention,” said Adamma. “As for adults, learning from each other through constant feedback is a great way to ensure they are happy with your service and that you are improving as a teacher.” Combining this approach with 51Talk’s excellent online teacher’s trainings has definitely enhanced her knowledge in being a teacher.

Adamma has helped in the lives of her many students. Alice, an accountant for the police department, is one of Adamma’s regular students. Her motivation to learn English was to make travelling internationally easier for her. After months of doing lessons with Adamma, she has improved from not being an English speaker to a jet-setter who speaks the language very well. Alice has mentioned that doing the lessons with Adamma has greatly helped her when talking to foreigners. A seven-year old student named Allen is one of Adamma’s younger students. He is very dedicated to learning the language at such a young age and has shown vast improvement after a few months of taking English lessons. Allen’s progress had a positive impact on his parents as they decided to enroll his sister to learn English with Adamma as well.

The help she gives students through teaching has garnered her recognition from the 51Talk family. Back in 2015 and early in 2016, she was included in 51Talk’s Board of Kudos for her achievements as a teacher. “Receiving recognition has definitely boosted my confidence and kept me motivated,” said Adamma. “I am proud of my accomplishments, and I will always strive to be the best teacher for my students.”

Adamma is happy being a home-based online English teacher. She was able to help herself, her loved ones, and her students. “Joining 51Talk has been beneficial to my growth as a teacher and a person. 51Talk has improved my teaching skills and developed my personality through exposure to different students,” she said. “My earnings help my parents in sending my siblings to college.” Adamma’s ability to help so many others comes from her dedication to teaching.


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