Lane, 51Talk teacher – one of our pioneer teachers

teacher-laneLane, a 26-yeard old from Cavite, is one of 51Talk’s pioneer teachers. Back in 2011, she decided to look for a part-time job. She received an invitation from 51Talk to be one of its pioneer teachers and gladly took the opportunity of joining the leading online English platform in China.

Lane learned how to apply different teaching methods and how to communicate well with Chinese students from 51Talk’s many training sessions over the years. She believes that accommodating the needs of the students is a great way of making them feel comfortable towards the teacher. She makes sure to praise them when they progress as this gives them more motivation to learn. She also believes in giving students corrective feedback to ensure that they continuously work on their areas of improvement. “I am very frank when giving feedback to my adult students. I believe that a balance of being a professional and being pleasant is effective.”

Having been in 51Talk for five years, Lane has seen many achievements from her students. A regular student of hers named Michael is an engineer and wanted to work for Caterpillar. Because Caterpillar is an international company, Michael had to learn to speak English. He took lessons with Lane and after a year, he applied to Caterpillar. He did well in the interview and got the job. He told Lane that a big part of his success in making it into the company was being able to speak English. Another student by the name of Summer took lessons with Lane because his school in China had arranged for its student to have a summer camp in the United States. Realizing that Summer is not able to speak the language, his father had arranged for him to have lessons with Lane to prepare him for his trip to the States as well as for further studies abroad and even future job applications. He has been one of Lane’s regular students since 2011. He was able to achieve good fluency before he went to the summer camp and has vastly improved his English proficiency.

Lane is very thankful for her long-standing partnership with 51Talk. Her 51Talk income has been a helpful contribution to her daily budget. Having a fixed schedule with her regular students also allowed her to maintain a close relationship with her family. Lastly, being able to spark the interest of many students in English has given her great fulfillment as a teacher.

“I have been with 51Talk since its birth. I am honored to be one of its pioneer teachers. I have learned from life’s best teacher, which is experience. As time goes by, 51Talk never stops developing its teachers. Since I have been here since the beginning, I’m proud to say that our development as teachers and persons with 51Talk is continuous. There is no way but up.”


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