Nelli, 51Talk teacher – in the winners’ column



Nelli, a 30-year old from Manila, is an accomplished 51Talk teacher. A graduate of Secondary Education, she has taught both as a primary school teacher and as an office-based ESL teacher. Long hours in the office, traffic, and less time with her husband started to take a toll on Nelli’s life, so she decided to take her teaching online and become a home-based English teacher for 51Talk. Now on her third year with 51Talk, she has been on an amazing journey, one marked by receiving awards from 51Talk and seeing her students develop into very good English speakers.

She blends her cheerfulness with visual aids to make learning more fun for her young students. She puts emphasis on pronunciation which helps her students understand their lessons. She asks them questions to see if they really understood the lessons. “Using charm, gestures and expressions are great ways in getting students to engage in conversations,” said Nelli. “These capture their attention and make them feel comfortable in learning the language.” Nelli also takes 51Talk’s training sessions whenever possible, which helps her improve her online English teaching skills.

Nelli’s students’ achievements prove that she is a very effective teacher. One of her regular students, Tulip, is her most accomplished student. In 2013, she started teaching Tulip, who was just four years old then. Tulip was very dedicated to learning English, booking lessons every day for a year with Nelli. Tulip’s English skills improved tremendously, so that in no time, she was already joining oral English contests. Nelli would work on Tulip’s pronunciation; she even trained her in how to recite in front of an audience. Their hard work paid off when Tulip won twice in Kunming back in 2015 and once in 2016 during the nationals in Beijing. Winning those contests motivated Tulip to take lessons with Nelli continuously. This kind of success story motivates Nelli to be the best she can be.

Hard work and dedication to her craft made Nelli soar to new heights. 51Talk has recognized her for a job well done – she was a recipient of the top teacher award twice in 2015 and once in 2016.

“I have improved a lot as a teacher. Having additional training has greatly helped me when it comes to my growth and development in teaching. Receiving these awards and seeing my students become good English speakers has definitely motivated me to be the best teacher I can be for my students. Being recognized by 51Talk also boosted my confidence,” Nelli said. Her contribution to the 51Talk family and her students puts her in 51Talk’s winners’ column.



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