Inah Hae, 51Talk teacher – inspiring learning

teacher-inah-hae-01Ina Hae, a 29-year old from Lipa City, is a teacher at heart. She found her calling when she started working as a pre-school teacher for her family’s early learning center in Lipa. “Seeing my young pupils excel and become better students is what made me love this profession.” With plans to join her husband in India, she had to leave the family business and find a teaching platform that is home-based. She found 51Talk and is currently doing her online English teaching from India.

When teaching online, Ina Hae is very animated. She likes to teach her lessons with a lot of smiles and laughter. Since the majority of her students are children, she believes in measuring their learning not just through recitation but also stimulating their motor skills, allowing them to draw what they have learned or letting them find objects around their household which are related to the lesson. Commending them often for their performance is her way of motivating her young students.

“51Talk didn’t just help me financially but also helped me to know different strategies in teaching different kinds of people.”

Ina Hae is very thankful to 51Talk.  Undergoing 51Talk’s rigorous trainings and enhancement programs has made her a very effective teacher beyond what she learned from her previous experience teaching pre-school kids. 51Talk’s fixed hours have also given her a chance to be the housewife she has dreamed of being; she has time to do chores and spend quality time with her husband. With the earnings she gets from being a home-based online English teacher, she is able to help her husband with their expenses. “It’s so great to teach with 51Talk because I am able to help my husband in our daily needs while also saving for our future.”

The success of her students is a testament to her teaching. Amy, a 10 year-old student, initially found learning the English language very challenging. A vast improvement in her speaking started to be apparent after just a few months with Ina Hae, who allows her to draw to show her understanding of their lessons.

Amy, Teacher Inah Hae

Cathy, a university professor, also had a hard time speaking the English language at first. Since her profession requires Cathy to speak in front of an audience, Ina Hae put emphasis on improving her pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. After one month of training, Cathy became increasingly confident in expressing herself. After observing a few of Ina Hae’s lessons and seeing Cathy’s progress in speaking English, Cathy’s son Tony and his friend also joined 51Talk.

“Seeing my young pupils excel and becoming better students is what made me love this profession.”

“51Talk didn’t just help me financially but also helped me to learn different strategies in teaching different kinds of people. It also gave me the opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of China. And the best thing is, my students are not just here for me to teach but as friends for me to keep.”


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