What is China’s NATIONAL DAY?



The People’s Republic of China (PRC) begins the month of October with National Day. PRC’s Independence Day is originally on the 21st of September but back in October 1st, 1949, a grand ceremony in Tiananmen Square was held for the new country forming the Central People’s Government. That event also saw Mao Zedong holding the first Communist national flag of China in front of around 300,000 people. The National Day Holiday is a three-day holiday that usually extends up to a week and is said to be PRC’s Golden Week as this is the biggest profit-bringing week of the year to many businesses.

There are many festivities during this whole week spectacle. Flag-raising ceremonies, dance and song shows are just some of the attractions that can be witnessed during this week. The government sponsors firework displays and light shows in the city center. In addition, painting and calligraphy exhibitions are held to celebrate National Day. This is also a great time to shop as many stores and malls offer big discounts during this week-long holiday.

The legal holiday for Chinese National Day is currently 3 days in mainland China, 2 days in Macau and 1 day in Hong Kong. This is the longest public holiday in China besides the Chinese New Year. Falling in the autumn generally with clear weather and comfortable temperature, the holiday is a popular period for travel.



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