Genevive, 51Talk teacher – a committed educator

51Talk teacher Genevive, a Committed EducatorGenevive, a 35 year-old from Pasig, has much experience in education. Having finished a Bachelor of Science degree, she taught Math and Computer Science to primary school students as well as later becoming an office-based ESL teacher. Starting work at dawn became a challenge for Genevive as fatigue started settling in. Change came in the form of teaching from home with 51Talk. It has been a remarkable online teaching journey which started way back in 2012.

In online teaching, Genevive benefited from 51Talk’s top-notch training as it enhanced her teaching techniques and also taught her to have the right approach when teaching different students online. She makes her students feel at ease by relating her lesson proper to real life situations. When holding lessons with her younger students, she uses singing and conducting games to spark their interest. “I always make my student feel relaxed in my class. I always make sure I start my lesson with a relaxing environment to get my student feeling comfortable talking to me and express him/herself better.”

“It took a lot of encouragement and patience to make her speak but once she started performing, I knew that our hard work was paying off.”

Her teaching method has helped in the progress of her students. Gloria, a 14-year-old middle school student, has been learning English with Genevive for more than two years. In the beginning, Gloria was very timid and could speak not speak the language at all. Today, Gloria is much more confident in speaking the language; her pronunciation has become clearer and she can now use the proper vocabulary when constructing her sentences. Her significant improvement led to her personal achievements. She became an English monitor in class. She also took her knowledge to new heights when she won English competitions in her school and got chosen to represent them in nationwide English competitions in which she also became the victor. “It took a lot of encouragement and patience to make her speak but once she started performing, I knew that our hard work was paying off. She has great confidence in using the language now and still continuously progressing.

Genevive is very thankful for the benefits of teaching with 51Talk. Being a home-based online English teacher with fixed schedules has allowed her to enjoy the company of her family. In addition, she has also gained financial freedom out of being a home-based online English teacher with 51Talk. She was also able to put her younger siblings through college and contribute to her family’s expenses. Her motivation is always high as 51Talk recognizes teachers for their hard work. Back in May 2016, the 51Talk Family gave Genevive a Top Teacher Award for being one of the top performing teachers. “I have nothing but good things to say about my partnership with 51Talk. I enjoy teaching students from my home. I’m also well-compensated for all my efforts and have found time for family and relaxation.” The fruits of her labor are a testament of Genevive being a committed educator.



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