Galilo, 51Talk Teacher – teaching is her true calling

galilo1Galilo, a 29 year-old from Manila, is one of the few online teachers in 51Talk who began her post-college career as a home-based online English teacher with 51Talk. She began her journey with 51Talk in 2013 and has developed the qualities and skills an online English teacher should have.

Her secret in teaching is applying what she learned from 51Talk’s quality teacher training. 51Talk’s training taught Galilo how to effectively conduct lessons. Taking follow up enrichment programs showed her how to continuously develop as a teacher. She also believes in paying attention to the student’s specific needs and purpose for learning the language. “I want to build a good relationship with my students because they play an important role in why I am motivated to teach every day. This is because of all the training that I have gone through in 51Talk; they helped me be skilled at teaching.”

Galilo’s teaching is reflected by the success of her students. Rebecca, a 14-year old middle school student, was enrolled by her parents in 51Talk to prepare for the TOEFL exam as they planned to send her to the United States for college. With the help of Galilo, they had lessons for two months to prepare for this. Rebecca’s hard work paid off as she got a good overall band score on her TOEFL. She is still taking lessons with Galilo and has also improved her command of the English language.

Another student by the name of Chin-He also enlisted Galilo’s help so that he can express himself better when speaking to foreigners. He did lessons with Galilo almost every day for one month. He not only showed progress but he also began practicing what he learned by talking to foreigners. He is now living and working in the Netherlands and still taking lessons with Galilo. His continuous learning with Galilo has made him confident when conversing with westerners.

“I want to build a good relationship with my students because they play an important role in why I am motivated to teach every day.”

Her partnership with 51Talk has been very beneficial. Due to her excellent performance as an online teacher, Galilo received the Top Teacher Award last May 5, 2016. The free 51Talk enrichment training were also instrumental in her professional development. The fixed schedule allows her to have quality time with her loved ones and also have a steady source of income. “I am proud and happy to be able to teach with 51Talk. Being a home-based online English teacher in 51Talk is rewarding and fulfilling. Seeing the growth of my students and as an online teacher have motivated me a great deal.” In being an online teacher with 51Talk, Galilo has found that teaching is her true calling.


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