Yasmin, 51Talk teacher – motivated to teach well

yasmin2Yasmin, 30, a bachelor of science graduate from Angeles City, is one effective 51Talk teacher. Her teaching experience began in an office-based online English teaching company back in 2011. Having three sons made her want to find work that is home-based so that she could do her parental duties. This all became possible when she found 51Talk in 2013.

When teaching online, Yasmin begins her lessons with a two- to three-minute conversation with her student. This allows her to gauge her student’s level in English so she can decide the best teaching style to use when handling the lesson. She makes difficult topics easy to understand by making the lesson fun and dynamic for the student.  She is cheerful and lives by the quote, “make your smile your signature accessory.” The teacher training given by 51Talk have also helped enhance her skill as a teacher. “In my three years of teaching with 51talk, I’ve gained much confidence dealing with different level of students, from beginner to advanced. I always take every lesson as a challenge; it motivates me to do better with every lesson I conduct.”

“I experience many great moments teaching with 51Talk. I am at my happiest when I am able to contribute to my students’ success.”

Yasmin has many successful student stories to share, like that of Sophie, a radio announcer in China. Sophie had difficulty making sentences and enunciating words when she first started her lessons with Yasmin. Yasmin gave her words of encouragement and told her that she has to learn English slowly but surely. After a few months of taking lessons with Yasmin, Sophie started to show great improvement –  she could now tell stories and construct complete sentences! Also, Sophie has never been so eager to take English lessons as when having them with Yasmin.

Another successful learner of Yasmin is Bob, a 12-year old grade school student. Bob was impatient, timid and had limited vocabulary during his first few online English lessons. Yasmin taught Bob new words to widen his vocabulary. After a few weeks, Yasmin noticed that he began to speak more words clearly and use them correctly in sentences. He also became confident in studying English on his own.

Being a home-based online English teacher with 51Talk has given Yasmin a lot of benefits. Time flexibility allows her to spend more quality time with her three sons. In addition, having many regular students enables her to make a good income. “I experience many great moments teaching with 51Talk. I am at my happiest when I am able to contribute to my students’ success,” said Yasmin. For her, the greatest benefit she gets from 51Talk is gaining motivation to teach well from her 51Talk students.


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