Steph, 51Talk teacher – going the extra smile

Steph, 51Talk teacher - going the extra smileSteph is one of 51Talk’s top online English teachers. A 27-year old from Iloilo, she began her career working for an office-based English teaching company. Later on, she wanted to teach English home-based, and so she joined 51Talk in 2012. Through 51Talk, she developed into a skilled teacher and has become popular among her students.

When teaching online, Steph likes to smile for her students. “Students of all ages are more attentive if their teacher smiles a lot. They have a feeling of ease when you project a pleasant demeanor. The student likes to talk more and asks questions,” said Steph. She believes that blending her pleasant character with the teaching methods and techniques she learned from 51Talk’s training produces very favorable results when conducting lessons.


“51Talk boosted my self-esteem, and it helped me discover my other capabilities as a person.”

She also likes to do role playing with young students. For example, in a story about a doctor and her patient, Steph plays the doctor, while the kid student plays the patient. She connects the lesson with their role play. Steph is also patient with her students when doing her lessons. She gives them ample time to learn rather than rushing and pressuring them.

Steph has many student success stories to tell. One of the most memorable is the story of Xinran, an eight year-old who lived in America with her family for a year. During Xinran’s time abroad, her mother enrolled her at 51Talk to improve her English. In the beginning, Xinran struggled to construct sentences and pronounce words correctly. After a month of doing lessons with Steph, and thanks to her will to learn, Xinran’s English improved. She can now pronounce words and construct sentences better. She no longer needs to rely on instructional books as she can speak English on her own.

Steph, 51Talk teacher - going the extra smile

Another student, Jack, a 45 year-old entrepreneur, enlisted Steph’s help to eliminate the language barrier he experiences when dealing with foreigners in his business. At first, he could not speak simple phrases or understand idioms like “best thing since sliced bread.” In every lesson, Steph taught Jack new words and encouraged him to take down notes, especially words and phrases he is unfamiliar with. Not long after, Jack improved his vocabulary and use of the English language. He can now confidently converse with his foreign clients.

For her outstanding performance and dedication to teaching as reflected in the success of her students, Steph received a Top Teacher award from 51Talk in June 2016.

“51Talk boosted my self-esteem, and it helped me discover my other capabilities as a person,” said Steph. Being with different kinds of students has helped me a lot in terms of expressing myself. I am making the best of myself through continuous improvement.” It’s wonderful how many good things happened to Steph as a 51Talk teacher. All it took was going the extra smile to teach her students.



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