Cakepops, 51Talk teacher – quest to be the best

Cakepops, 51Talk teacher - quest to be the bestCakepops, a 29 year-old nursing graduate, has found her true calling as a home-based online English teacher with 51Talk. She is a teacher who has embarked on a remarkable journey and has seen her students become better English speakers. Cakepops is thankful to 51Talk for helping her realize her passion for helping other people.

51Talk’s training sessions helped Cakepops learn the right practices and possess the attitude of an effective teacher. She makes it a point to prepare for her lessons well before facing her students. To make learning interesting for her young students, she uses appealing visual aids and props like anime (Japanese animation) characters. She also uses inspirational quotes to motivate her students to study hard. “My teaching style depends on the level of the learner and the lesson material. The lessons are standard but my approach varies. It is effective in the sense that the lesson is going to be level-appropriate for the learner,” she said.

Cakepops has many student success stories to share. Dream is a business woman who enlisted the help of Cakepops because she wanted to improve her communication skills with foreigners. She maximized every lesson with Cakepops by talking about her business strategies and requesting simulations of business transactions in English. Her sentence construction and vocabulary eventually improved. In addition, Dream is now confident in doing business transactions, meetings, and presentations in English. In her recent work project, Dream spearheaded her company’s first ever expo outside China.

“It has given me the opportunity to earn while enhancing the skills I have and imparting my knowledge to help students.”

Hunter, a 13 year-old student, could only say “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” when he first took lessons with Cakepops back in 2014. Because of these struggles, Hunter became passionate about and determined to learn the language. After a few weeks with Cakepops, Hunter began showing progress. He started forming sentences with good grammar. He still continues having lessons with Cakepops up to this very day.

“51Talk has given me the opportunity to be close to my family while working. It’s one of the best perks of being an online educator. It has given me the opportunity to earn while enhancing the skills I have and imparting my knowledge to help students. My motivation, experiences, and abilities allow me to provide good a learning experience for a wide range of lessons being offered by 51Talk.” Her positive experiences with 51Talk have definitely helped in her quest to always be and do her best.



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