Les, 51Talk teacher – caring is sharing

Les, 51Talk teacher - caring is sharingA 29-year old from Las Piñas, Les initially worked as an office-based online English teacher. She wanted to continue teaching while spending more time with her family. She made this possible when she joined 51Talk. Today, she is enjoying the benefits of being a home-based online English teacher as she is able to teach, learn, earn, and have quality time with her loved ones.

Les establishes rapport with her online learners. She believes that this a good way for her students to open up with her and embrace learning. She gives commendation to her students when they do well as this boosts their confidence. Lastly, Les always listens to her students’ preferences. This enables her to apply an effective approach when teaching her lessons. “I see to it that I listen to what they say and not do anything while they are saying something,” said Les. “Your focus and attention should be on the student at all times. Smiling a lot is something I always do as it makes my student feel at ease.”

Les’ effective teaching methods have helped her students produce great results. Cheery, a finance director and professor, enrolled in 51Talk to learn giving presentations in English. Cheery had a habit of saying ‘ah’ and ‘um’ while grasping for words – which was most of the time. She struggled with pronunciation and had grammar lapses. To eliminate these weaknesses, Les taught Cheery to pause while thinking for the next words instead of using fillers such as ‘ah’ and ‘um.’ She also practiced having mock presentations with Cheery so that he can improve his pronunciation and grammar. Also, Les advised Cheery to use the step-by-step method and highlight important facts when giving a presentation.

“I feel that I am fulfilling my role as a teacher when they progress”

Another student who also became an achiever under Les’ wing was Angel, a college professor. She joined 51Talk because she needed to teach lessons in English. Les encouraged Angel to keep on telling stories in English for practice. In the beginning, she had a habit of writing her thoughts in the chat box. Today, Angel is more confident in expressing herself through talking. Angel’s sentence construction and grammar improved. Angel is still taking lessons with Les.

“I’m really grateful to be a home-based online English teacher with 51Talk as I can teach from the comfort of my own home. Being with 51Talk also helped me grow as a person. I learned how to manage my time effectively. I also learned how to properly handle students. I feel that I am fulfilling my role as a teacher when I see progress in my students,” said Les. Caring for her students is sharing her knowledge with them.


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