Maybelle Vien, 51Talk teacher – fit and right

maybelle1Maybelle Vien can run marathons. She can teach different kinds of lessons for many hours, too. A 39-year old management graduate from Makati, she wanted to have a career that would allow her to be with her family and allot time for her sports. She found time to do both when she joined 51Talk as a home-based online English teacher. Today, she has found fulfillment in being a great parent and an online teacher.

When teaching online, Maybelle Vien believes that smiling is the key to making the students feel at ease with their teacher. She also puts emphasis on understanding the student so that she can apply the right teaching approach. She is also very energetic when she teaches. “I love teaching kids. I treat them like they are my own. With my adult students, I project a very passionate approach. Either way, the students will feel my sincerity in teaching them.”

She has many student success stories to share. Amy, a grade school student, could not understand English when she first started taking lessons with Maybelle Vien. When doing the lessons, Maybelle Vien got her to practice speaking by discussing what she enjoys about the lesson. After a month of doing lessons with Maybelle, and thanks to her determination to learn, Amy’s English improved. She can now pronounce words and construct sentences better. Today, she can speak English on her own.

“I love teaching kids. I treat them like they are my own.”

Maybelle Vien also helped a couple of adult students improve in English. Jack and Joy, who both work for 51Talk China, enlisted Maybelle Vien’s help to eliminate their difficulties with grammar, intonation and vocabulary. In the beginning, Jack and Joy could only say “yes” and “no.” In every lesson, Maybelle Vien made Jack and Joy speak and write to improve. Not long after, they both became better in grammar, intonation and vocabulary.

Maybelle Vien’s qualities make her fit and right to be a home-based online teacher with 51Talk.


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