Olwyn, 51Talk teacher – teaching is fun

Olwyn, 51Talk teacher - Teaching is fun

51Talk teacher Olwyn – teaching is fun

I believe that having a fun environment is conducive to learning.

I worked as a chef at a theme park in the United States of America for ten years before returning to the Philippines. When I got back here (Philippines), I joined 51Talk as an online English teacher since I wanted work that is home-based. Plus, teaching is something I find fun to do.

When I teach my students, I see to it that they smile and laugh a lot. I believe that having a fun environment is very conducive to learning. I make it a point that in every lesson, my delivery is simple, light, and even humorous for the student. I want my students to be totally at ease with me so I can get their trust. From my experience, if the student is having fun, he or she will remember his or her lessons.

I have a regular student named Lilly, who worked as a marketing manager for one of China’s largest telecommunications company. She and I had English lessons for two months; and I’m very happy to say that she can now do translations from Chinese to English and vice-versa for her clients!

Another wonderful story I’d like to share is Sharon’s. She was preparing for an admission exam for a master’s degree course when she took me as an English teacher. We were both headstrong towards one goal, which was for her to pass the test. We enjoyed our time together learning English – and she passed the English-formatted exam!

Teaching and learning from my students and seeing results give me a sense of fulfillment. I am enjoying my work in 51Talk. As I’ve said, I find teaching fun to do. Seeing my students laugh and enjoy the lesson is what makes teaching really fun.


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