Cornn, 51Talk teacher – teaching is her true calling

Cornn, 33, from Pasig, was a call center agent before she joined 51Talk. She is a full-time home-based online English teacher with 51Talk as well as a part-time commercial model.

Cornn has many stories to share about her teaching experience with Chinese students. Teenage Lucy is one of her regular students who continues to show vast improvement. After three months of taking lessons from Corrn, Lucy’s communication skills and grades in her school improved a great deal.

When teaching online, Cornn believes that being patient is a must. Having “Q and A” sessions, even short ones, or letting the students discuss topics related to the lesson is an effective teaching method as it practices the students’ ability to engage in conversations. She also uses visual aids and toys to capture the attention of her young learners.

Teaching is what she considers her true calling; this is the only kind of work where she gain a complete sense of fulfillment.

Cornn, 51Talk teacher - Cornn’s true calling


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