Zaira Joy, 51Talk teacher – her enjoyable experiences during lesson time

Zaira, 51Talk teacher - enjoyable experiences during lesson timeZaira Joy, 23, from Pampanga, makes her lessons enjoyable by smiling a lot and playing games with her students. She loves to praise them for any progress they make, and she does it in a quite unusual way by showing them food. “The students enjoy the lessons and I get fulfillment as an online teacher whenever I see them feeling happy when their efforts are appreciated,” she said.

In Zaira Joy’s three years with 51Talk, she has helped many, many students. Micky, 31, who works for a German-based company, was not a good English speaker when he started taking lessons with Zaira Joy. Zaira Joy noticed that he had difficulties with forming sentences. To address this, she encouraged Micky to talk a lot by letting him voice out his opinions on the lessons. He then became confident in conducting sales presentations in English. Also, his sessions with her were helpful when he went on his first business trip to Germany.

With young learners, Zaira Joy has been instrumental in their progress. A good example is Frank, nine, a grade school student. In the beginning, Frank struggled with pronunciation and showed very little interest in learning. In turn, Zaira Joy showed him chocolates and other food he loves during their lessons to catch his attention. It worked; he became a more attentive student, and his pronunciation improved.

“On both personal and professional levels, 51talk enabled me to understand my strengths and weaknesses as an online teacher. 51Talk’s commitment to quality teaching shows as they gave me training to continuously develop my skills. I am happy with my experiences, especially seeing the improvement of my students,” said Zaira Joy.

Zaira, 51Talk teacher - enjoyable experiences during lesson time


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