Shula, 51Talk teacher – fixing pronunciation problems

shula2Shula began teaching at a very young age. As part of her religion, the 31-year old hotel and restaurant technology graduate from Cavite taught the Bible to many people, which developed her passion for teaching. In 2012, she joined 51Talk as a home-based online English teacher.

In online teaching, Shula believes that smiling and having a friendly tone of voice helps in creating a relaxed atmosphere conducive for learning. Also, Shula likes to ask questions about the lessons to initiate interaction with her students. With her young learners, playing games and singing are great ways to promote learning. Shula believes that these create a fun experience for the students.

“Teaching English online from your home is a great experience”

Shula has several student success stories to share. Enoch, a nine-year old grade school student, was mispronouncing words that start with the letter “L,” “N,” and “R.” Shula helped him by making him look at her mouth while enunciating words that start with those letters and making him repeat those words until he got them right. Enoch also improved his sentence construction through regular discussions with Shula. Today, Enoch’s communication skills have improved. He is more confident pronouncing words and sentences.

Angela is one of Shula’s adult students who also had problems with pronunciation. Angela would say “yurwally” instead of “usually.” She also had a hard time expressing her thoughts. To improve Angela’s English, Shula made her practice by asking her job interview questions. Angela became a better speaker after a month of practice with Shula. This paved the way for her promotion to senior manager at work.

“With 51Talk, I have an opportunity to help others enhance their communication skills, learn while teaching and earn some money to support my family. Teaching English online from your home is a great experience,” said Shula.

Shula, 51Talk teacher - fixing pronunciation problems


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