Darcy, 51Talk teacher – turning students into works of art

Darcy, 51Talk teacher - turning students into works of artDarcy, a 20-year old from Pampanga, is a painter and an online teacher. Prior to 51Talk, she experienced working in many different industries and yet, she felt that none of them suited her. She decided to look for other career opportunities that would give her fulfillment. It was around this time when she learned about online teaching in 51Talk. Seeing the benefits of being a home-based online English teacher is what convinced her to embark on a journey which eventually gave her the career fulfillment that she longed for.

For Darcy, she finds it quite a challenge to teach young beginners as they have limited knowledge of the language as well as having a short attention span. When teaching online, Darcy likes to captivate her students by smiling and being cheerful. She also gets her students to teach her Chinese words or phrases so that they are able to practice their English. “Having a positive attitude make students comfortable with the teacher. Putting yourself in their situation is also a great way to understand what the students need.”

Darcy’s 14-year old student James had problems with his grammar when he first took lessons. In helping James, Darcy made him discuss anything that is related to the lessons as it gave him the chance to practice and improve on this area. After a few months of lessons with Darcy, James showed great development. His grades for English in school went up.

Also, he now uses English as his language when speaking to his father. Currently, James is preparing to take the IELTS exam and is taking lesson with Darcy as his teacher. “Darcy has been great to me. I became more confident because of her teaching, ” said James.

“51Talk gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. My students are my source of motivation. Aside from the earnings and being in control of my time, seeing them become better English speakers is the best reward you can get out of online teaching. Like in painting, [my students] are my art pieces.”

Darcy, 51Talk teacher - turning students into works of art


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