romeroRomero, a 65-year old mass communications graduate with a PhD in Theology and Philosophy, developed a love for teaching when he taught catechism and English to indigent children during his high school days. He is a marketing professional, having done advertising work for 26 years. In 2014, he joined 51Talk as a home-based online English teacher because of his love for teaching, and because 51Talk gives opportunities to educators of all ages.  His vast experience has made him an effective teacher.

One of his regular students, Eric, 26 from Beijing, China, wanted to get an MBA. To prepare for the interview and admissions test, he enrolled at 51Talk and got Romero’s help with improving his grammar and pronunciation and learning how to answer interview questions. Not only did Eric’s English skills improve, but he also got admitted to the MBA program he applied to. “I am very thankful to Romero for helping me get through these tests. He has definitely contributed to [the] good of my future,” said Eric.

(Watch video of Romero here.)

“It’s an honor to be a part of a dynamic online English teaching platform in 51Talk,” said Romero. “I believe that 51Talk has given me the opportunity to earn, and at the same time, develop my skills in teaching. It has always been a passion for me to share my knowledge and experience [with] learners. That is why I still continue to teach. The best reward is seeing your students practice what you have taught them.”

Aside from English, Romero can also speak six other languages: Filipino, Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, Bahasa Melayu and Arabic.


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