Riccel’s 51Talk teacher story: “Working without leaving my child”


“As a home-based teacher, I get to do work without worrying about [my son] Austin,” Riccel, 28, from Pasig City, said. “And the more hours I put into teaching students, the more money I earn. As a single mom, I work very hard so I can make ends meet.”

Riccel has been teaching with 51Talk since 2014, the longest she’s been in a company, which is proof that she’s found a financially stable career and a great love for teaching with 51Talk.
She’s lost count of the number of students she has taught, but she can easily recall proud moments with them. One such student is Hover, a 30-year old business man, whom she was able to help migrate to Canada. Hover initially had difficulty forming sentences and pronouncing words. To improve on these areas, Riccel made him discuss his hobbies and correlate them with his lessons. This method proved to be effective, for Hover became increasingly confident in speaking his thoughts and can now even detect his own grammar mistakes. “I find Riccel to be a very good teacher,” said Hover. “I’ve found a treasure that will help me in my future.”
“I thank 51Talk for giving me the opportunity to work and, at the same time, be with my son. And I also want to thank my students for making me feel fulfilled,” said Riccel.

Riccel is a Master Teacher A (6 stars) teacher of 51Talk since March 2014 and has conducted 8,952 lessons, or a total of 223,800 minutes of teaching at 51Talk!

Hover – Riccel’s regular student

3 thoughts on “Riccel’s 51Talk teacher story: “Working without leaving my child”

  1. thanks for the inspiring stories from 51talkcompany. i really love to be one of them but i find difficulty in doing so because of the internet connections our place has.


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