“Loving what I do” – Prina, 51Talk teacher

I’m Prina, 23 years old, a Marketing Management graduate of Chang Kai Shek College, who loves to travel and teach kids.

prina-oldI joined 51Talk because it lets me enjoy both worlds – traveling and teaching. With 51Talk, I can take a vacation whenever and wherever I want to go. Last year, I visited Thailand and China. This year, Hong Kong is my next target. I also have time to do what I love most, which is teaching kids. The pleasure of watching them bloom from a shy person to a bubbly conversationalist just exhilarates me. It may take some time, but I am patient enough to wait.

Every time I teach, I value it as an opportunity to help my students in their journey to better verbal expression. Thus, I exercise a great deal of patience in guiding them.

Learning English on a regular basis is beneficial in the long run. Various reading materials should be explored. Watching English shows and movies also helps in their pronunciation. But nothing beats the regular and casual use of the language while speaking to friends or at home. A student may have a vast vocabulary but it will do him no good if his grammar is bad. Thus, if a student really wants to learn practical English, he must consistently speak the language and supplement it with reading and writing. Learning should also be done in a comfortable, relaxed and conducive environment. What we learn with pleasure, we tend to never forget. This formula works for me.

img_20160315_145329Working with 51Talk taught me to teach and learn at the same time. I am so grateful because the company enabled me to earn while doing what I am passionate about, right in the comfort of my own home. 51Talk has the perfect job for me, and I love it!

Prina is a Senior Teacher B (5-star) teacher of 51Talk since November 2015 and has conducted 6,236 lessons, or a total of 155,800 minutes of teaching at 51Talk!


One thought on ““Loving what I do” – Prina, 51Talk teacher

  1. thank you teacher. you are such an inspiration. i am praying that the quality of internet connection in place will improve.


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