Erinae’s 51Talk teacher story: her reward in teaching

“Teacher, guess what? I passed my oral English exam. Thanks so much for your help!”

“Oh, teacher, I have a story to tell!”

“Teacher, how are you feeling now? Better than yesterday?”

formal2These are some things I hear from my students. Simple questions and comments, yes, but believe it or not, to me, it’s like winning the Nobel Peace Prize! Hearing your students getting all excited to tell their stories even before you open your mouth is truly amazing!

There was a very shy boy who needed translation for every word and action during our first few lessons. Several months later, he was already talking, laughing and showing me his drawings from school. It really melts my heart to see how much he has changed.

I also had a Psychology major student for quite some time. We had frequent free talks and we’ve gotten to know each other’s lives very well. We had common interests and it was always a joy listening to her stories. One time, I was on a long vacation and she kept asking when I would come back so she could book my lessons again. Since then, I’ve never felt so happy coming back from a holiday. I am happy to meet new students, but even more thrilled to see my old ones, who later became my friends.

I believe that there is no stupid student, only ineffective teachers. It’s not about the books or the lessons or the inability of the student to understand; it’s about shaping a kid’s life to be the better person he or she is meant to be.

I am the eldest of three siblings and our parents work abroad so looking out for my two younger brothers have pushed me to be like a mother to them. I may not have kids of my own (well, I do have pets), but that motherly love reaches my students whenever I conduct a lesson. I am a Fine Arts graduate, but in my heart, I’ve always wanted to teach. Working in 51talk has given me both an opportunity to share knowledge and gain friends. This is Erinae… proudly 51talk!”


Erinae is a Senior Teacher B (5-star) teacher of 51Talk since October 27, 2015 and has conducted 2498 lessons, or a total of 62,450 minutes of teaching at 51Talk!


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