winkMy name is Winkles. I started working in 51Talk in October 2014. I was a Top Teacher for Quarter 1 of 2016 – NCR. I graduated with flying colors with a degree in Bachelor of Science, Major in Nutrition and Dietetics. Currently, I tutor grade schoolers in all their academic subjects during day time, and at night, I teach English online to Chinese adults via 51Talk. I would like to share with you the story of Yuan, one of my regular 51Talk students, who makes me a very, very proud and fulfilled teacher.


611079722656960202Yuan from Guangdong, China is one of my outstanding students in 51Talk. She is a Philosophy professor in Guangdong University of Finance & Economics. She was so eager to learn that she took 2 to 4 lessons with me every day. My main task was to help her improve her pronunciation and vocabulary skills. Since she loved traveling, we conversed a lot about her escapades. Through this, her communication skills greatly improved, and now she can freely express her ideas and opinions.


Twenty-sixteen was a fruitful year for her.   She got a job promotion which then required her to apply for a scholarship in the US. We started to practice for her US VISA interview, and the result for our efforts was that she was granted a 10-year multiple entry US VISA! The next step I did was preparing her for the interview and her papers for the scholarship. After a series of lessons, she was able to get the US scholarship and the Chinese Scholarship Council funded her year of study in America.

Currently, Yuan is a visiting/exchange scholar in Emory University in Atlanta, USA.  She is taking further studies in Philosophy of Science for undergraduate students and Medical Ethics for graduate students.  I am so proud to be part of her journey in learning the English language. She is forever grateful for how 51Talk English Online School changed her life.

Truly, my teaching career has given me a sense of fulfillment! I won’t ever trade my rewarding career as a 51Talk teacher and all the dear students who give meaning to my life for anything.

Winkles is a Senior Teacher B (5-star) teacher of 51Talk since October, 2014 and has conducted 5,149 lessons, or a total of 128,725 minutes of teaching at 51Talk!


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