Teachers should inspire, not impress.

That’s what I learned and believe in after being with 51Talk for a year now. My journey with 51Talk has been full of ups and downs, but I never regret choosing this field. One of the things that I am grateful for is getting to know Cui, one of my regular 51Talk students.

For three months of online lessons with me, seven-year old Cui never showed his face on the web camera. All I could see was just a black background. Although he was always with his mother during our lessons, he would only answer me with a “yes” or a “no.” Still, all these didn’t stop me from giving him my full attention. I injected some humor into our conversations, trying to make him giggle, and it eventually worked.From then on, he looked forward to having lessons with me. On our
fifth month, he finally showed his face on camera and took the lesson with me without his mom! It was a milestone, a breakthrough for me! He even showed me his pet ants, his paintings, and his adorable smile! I told him they were all beautiful.

I could see him progress as we continued our lessons. I listened with my heart whenever he shared something, and I made sure that I connected with him. He became more

The good thing about teaching at 51Talk is that we learn from our students while we teach them. For me, our greatest treasure here is not money but the friends we make from giving meaningful and valuable lessons.

I am really grateful to be a teacher; to touch the lives of people across the world and to share the joy of speaking English. I know that if we continue to share what we have, we will be continuously blessed in return.

Teacher Gerlyn is a five-star Senior Teacher B at 51Talk since March 2015 and has conducted 2,641 lessons, or a total of 66,025 minutes at 51Talk.


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