Marcelinny, 51Talk teacher

“No mistakes, no learning.”

I can’t forget the day I met Candy for the first time. She was a bit reserved. I tried to make her smile; but she seemed too shy to smile back. She was so reluctant to express her emotions that I needed to remind her to be comfortable with me. “The more you enjoy the lesson, the more you learn,” I said. She was very scared to make mistakes, too, so I kept reminding her: “No mistakes, no learning.”

Despite several meetings, I persisted in making her feel comfortable. I conducted my lessons with humour until I saw her very first smile. It was beautiful! And I let definitely her know that.

The lessons that followed began to get more exciting and fun for both of us. I hear her chuckle at the first sound of a funny ice breaker. She has grown so fond of me. I make sure that she absorbs the lesson. And I always praise her awesome performance.  She never leaves without thanking me. Candy has touched my life in so many beautiful ways. Her confidence pushed me to deliver better lessons every day.

We start the lesson by talking about her day in school. I always commend her every achievement. She is also a potential painter. I can tell how artistic she can get by just looking at the paintings and drawings she sends me.

I’ve always known she has the potential to be a fine English speaker: she has a good command of her vocabulary, her diction is great (though, her intonation needs improvement) and she comprehends the lessons well.

collage1One day, her mom broke the good news. Candy is the best in her English class! She credits it to my effort in teaching her daughter. But I commend the love and support they gave their daughter which inspired her to strive more in her studies, plus the fact that Candy is truly gifted with intelligence and talent.

I thank the training I got from 51Talk, the trainers who walked me through it all, but most of all, I am thankful to the ONE up there who directs my every single teaching day. All these have made me what I am now as a teacher.  And I know that I will continue to teach in 51Talk because this is where I belong.


Marcelinny is a five-star Senior Teacher B at 51Talk since October 2015 and has conducted 2,919 lessons, or a total of 72,975 minutes at 51Talk.



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