id“Persistence pays and patience is a virtue.”

My name is Mara, an English as a second language (ESL) teacher. I taught English for two years in a private school for Koreans, and just last year I joined 51Talk.

In 51Talk, I had a 10-year old Chinese student named Winnie. We usually had three sessions daily; and, quite frankly, I found teaching her to be quite challenging. If I ask her something, she would answer by saying the same words I said. She kept booking me for more lessons though, so I had to go on teaching her the best way I could. She kept parroting for a week or so, until one day she spoke without repeating me! With all the time she was imitating the way I speak, she was actually learning after all!


Indeed, persistence pays and patience is a virtue. Winnie began responding with a word or two; then gradually, as weeks passed, she could finally speak in complete sentences.

Teaching in 51Talk has made me a better person. The numerous free training that 51Talk offered helped me become effective in handling different types of students. Winnie is a perfect example. My goal as a teacher is to make my students bring the best out of them.


Winnie still books me for online lessons. Gone are the days of parroting. We’ve learned to enjoy our lesson time together; and I don’t think I will ever get tired of having lessons with her.



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