As an online English teacher and free trial (FT) specialist, I rarely get a chance to meet my  students after they take free trial lessons with me.

tchng2Usually, my students are sent over to the “regular” 51Talk teachers after their free trial. So more often than not, I forget their names, except for one – Lulu, a teenage girl who “refused to learn.” I can pretty well recall the time her parents booked her a lesson at 51Talk. She was so hesitant to participate that it took me over fifteen minutes to make her speak. I realized she was so afraid of making a mistake which was why she did not want to take the lesson. After a few more minutes of convincing her, telling her that it’s alright to make mistakes, I was able to make her go through the lesson module. We had not finished it, but after the free trial session, she decided to take more lessons. I felt very proud of myself.

There was also a student who loved showing off his toys. I showed off my toys, too. He enjoyed so much of our time together that he did not want to stop! I then spoke to his mother about enrolling him to more online lessons, and her mother did it right away!


I deal with a wide range of diverse students every day. You can just imagine my daily grind dealing with different personalities, lifestyles, learning levels, etc. But this kind of challenge is what makes me love my job more.

I am a single mother of three kids, and was a nurse in my previous work. It has become my nature to be very caring with my young learners at 51Talk. I am also a singer, and I use my singing talent to make teaching even more interesting. I feel fulfilment in my job at 51Talk, and I’m sure to stay here for a long time.


Teacher Gadi is a five-star Senior Teacher B at 51Talk since November 2015 and has conducted 3,098 lessons, or a total of 77,450 minutes at 51Talk.


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