Tasha and Julius, from General Santos City, are husband and wife and both 51Talk teachers. They have two children whose names are, coincidentally, the same as 51Talk’s beloved characters, Sam and Timmy.


“It was pure coincidence!” exclaimed Tasha. “My husband thought of my sons’ names. SAM stands for Sean Andre Makaveli, while TIM is short for Travis Izak Maverick.” Julius added, “By the time, I didn’t even know these are the names of 51Talk’s characters.”


(Above: Two-year old TIM and five-year old SAM)

But it was no coincidence that the married couple work together as online English teachers at 51Talk. After Tasha gave birth to SAM, both wanted to have home-based jobs so they could take care of their little dear. “I was working as an online English teacher for another company; while my husband Julius was already working for 51Talk,” said Tasha. “I followed him soon.”

Tasha moved to 51Talk because her husband was getting higher pay and enjoying perks that other online teaching companies do not offer, like TESOL training/certification. “I also noticed he (Julius) had more time for mountain climbing, which was our other passion, so I had to transfer to 51Talk,” said Tasha.


The couple love to climb as it serves as their time to bond. As a matter of fact, their friendship strengthened through climbing together. And that, too, helped in developing their friendship to deep love with each other.

Tasha and Julius share so many things in common that keep their friendship and love with each other all the more strong. “Yes, we are friends forever, and at the same time partners in love, mountain climbing, and even teaching kids,” said Julius.

Julius is a five-star Senior Teacher B since December 2012 and has conducted 6,564 lessons, or a total of 164,100 minutes; while Tasha is also a five-star Senior Teacher B since August 2014 and has conducted 5,789 lessons, or a total of 144,7 in 25 minutes  at 51Talk.

The happy family.


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